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Achievements Forgotten

I recently watched an influencer do a whole piece about how Generation-Z was the most impressive generation. While, that’s a fine view (given that they’re finding their way in adulthood), I thought I’d put together a piece of my own to highlight all the forgotten achievements of past generations, as well as some of their…

Why I prefer the Northern Bluntness to Southern Hospitality

I want to start this by saying I’ve lived in the South a long, long, loooong time. Way too long in my opinion. And not just one place in the South. No, I’ve lived in cities and small towns all over the South from Tennessee and Georgia to Oklahoma. I’ve lived and visited the North…

Why The State of Georgia Has Some of The Worst Workers Rights Laws In The U.S.

Georgia is a pretty state. Full of great vegetation, beaches, mountains, and lush evergreens. But every state has at least a few bad apples on the tree. While there are some things Georgia does right, like the HERO roadside assistance program in Atlanta, there is also an incredibly dark side to the state. Georgia has…

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