Keeping Sane

If you’re like me, one of the hardest parts about being a single person in a pandemic is just the lack of affection and human interaction. Sure, some of us don’t work from home, so we at least have our coworkers to talk to, but in a way that’s almost worse, because you have to walk in to work every day and pretend life is business as usual when you’re so lonely, you’re seriously debating getting a life-sized teddy bear to cuddle with at night. And that dating sim app on your phone is the last lifeline you have to keep your from a complete meltdown. Despite that, I might be handling this situation better than some. Its not because I’m fishing on Bumble for conversation either. I stopped doing that after about September. What I started to realize was that writing was an outlet where I could create and “interact” with any kind of person I chose. The limits of their personality only extended to what I am willing to write about them. Their body type, eye color, etc, completely up to the imagination. Though it may seem sad, the man on the page doesn’t judge and he doesn’t ghost. His acts of affection and romantic gestures are completely dependent upon your own thoughts and moods as the writer. Think of it as a form of self love. Your imagination reaching out to comfort you even temporarily, because let’s be honest, we all deserve better. So, no matter how weird or pathetic it may seem, we all have many coping mechanisms for what started in 2020. Writing is just mine.

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