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Star Trek by timeline

As we welcome a whole new generation into the fanbase of Star Trek with new ideas and new leases on old ships and Captains, there has been a lot of talk about what the correct order is to watch all the Star Trek series in. If you’re new to the franchise, it’s overwhelming, and honestly,…

What Makes Student Loans So Malicious

Student Loan forgiveness is a hot topic at the moment. Some people are all for it, and some are definitely against it. The most common arguments against being that people shouldn’t borrow if they don’t intend to pay, and you should always pay your debts. But having been on the teller line of a financial…

Which is the Right Bank

So a little about me and this article before you get started. I was a bank teller at a Mid-sized bank in Oklahoma for five years (I left in the middle of 2021). Among that time I was a teller supervisor for two years. Over the years I have been a customer at many different…

Constructive Feedback 101

I’ve noticed lately that there’s an epidemic of people, especially writers who ask for feedback and instead get what I like to call a “flame review.” Aka, ripping the work and the author’s ego to shreds. This could not be more unproductive to everyone involved. So, given that I have a four year background in…

The Man Behind The Screen

In the history of TV and movies there are a handful of names that we see time and time again in the credits. Even if we don’t really pay attention, after a while, we still manage to recognize them. For instance, anyone who has ever purchased a movie soundtrack has probably heard the names Howard…

Poetic Words For Ukraine

For the few who know me well, you know that I occasionally write poetic things that fall into no sense of structure. I’m not huge on sharing, but someone close to me wants me to show people more of what I write. I wrote a little something in light of the events that have befallen…

Oklahoma’s Not So Red History

In my time living in Oklahoma, it’s no secret that the state appeared to vote almost exclusively Republican. Though some of the city voters turned a bit more blue, it’s not surprising that the state, like it’s neighbors, tended to be a bit more conservative. What’s interesting, though, is that it wasn’t always that way.…

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