The Man Behind The Screen

In the history of TV and movies there are a handful of names that we see time and time again in the credits. Even if we don’t really pay attention, after a while, we still manage to recognize them.

For instance, anyone who has ever purchased a movie soundtrack has probably heard the names Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, John Williams and John Powell. Of course they aren’t the only famous music composers in the industry. Not even close. But it sparks the conversation of the other names we manage to see on every film or television series and don’t even realize.

For instance, despite controversies in recent years over his character, J.J. Abrams remains one of the titans in Science Fiction, Supernatural, and action titles. Both TV and film since the 90s. Having produced titles like the series Alias and the movies such as Star Trek: Into The Darkness and Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

Still, many of us could agree that Abrams like many other producers and directors tends to jump from genre to genre when it suits him. So are there people that are well known for one specific thing?

Why yes. Perhaps one of the best known writers/creators was Gene Roddenberry who, even after his death, still has his name credited on every Star Trek series ever made to this day. Similarly, George Lucas will always be credited for Star Wars. Together making the two greatest minds of science fiction.

But there is one producer and writer that you have probably watched at least one series from and may have never known his name. Dick Wolf wrote and produced various crime (and the occasional fire & medical) dramas over the years. And he is still very much active in the industry. He created shows like Law & Order, NCIS, and the newer masterpiece show FBI, along with both of it’s spinoff series. He made the medical series Nightwatch and Chicago Med, as well as the spinoffs Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. Dick Wolf is a titan among masterpiece writers in TV high stakes emergency dramas. And his specialty in incorporating current events and making shows tangible are why his shows have found such success, time and time again.

It is certain that there are other such writers, creators, and producers behind the big titles of media we consume every day. And while they have not caught my eye, perhaps they have caught yours. Who’s your favorite person behind the scenes? Can you think of any greats in less well represented groups? Feel free to share.

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