Moving with your Library

If you’re like me, you’ve accumulated a fair library of books over the years, and no matter how many you get rid of, for every book you give away or sell, you somehow manage to accumulate five more. So when it comes to moving, especially moving across the country, you look defeatedly at your massive collection of books and throw your hands up in the air thinking how big a U-Haul you’re going to need. But when you’re a single gal with a little car and a small budget… Well, it all can get a little dicey. You start thinking: Should I sell them all on e-bay and repurchase them when I get to my new place?

No way. The money loss in itself would be catastrophic. I mean, I’m already not moving my furniture. Is there no other option than to hire someone to help you move? Well, no. There are options. Quite a few of them actually. Some are legitimately terrible, like trying to send your boxes through Greyhound. Tried it and let me tell you, never again. It took almost two months to get everything and I’m pretty sure I lost some stuff because some of the boxes were not only open, but not even the original box I packed it in. So I kept looking. There had to be a better way.

That’s when I found a loophole. It was a loophole I came upon entirely by chance when I was sending a small box of books to my mother and the USPS post master mentioned it. It’s called media mail. It starts at less than $3 and each pound adds just over $0.50. Your box is said to be able to be as long as 180in. in combined length, and can be up to 70lbs. I wasn’t sure just how much of a deal that would be until I was shipping to a rural part of the U.S. where UPS charged an extra fee just to go there.

So how much was USPS media mail? I sent one large box that was 38lb 11.6oz for $24.17 and another box that was slightly smaller and 34lb 1.6oz for $21.93. I saved a third of my car’s trunk space for moving and paid only $46.10. But not only that, I also found out that media mail doesn’t only include books, it also includes DVDs and other specific media items as well. Qualifications are very strict for it, however. Such as books can’t have advertisements beyond advertising another book. Comics don’t qualify. Sometimes media mail is even inspected to make sure the system isn’t abused. But if you’re like me and your bookshelf could easily take up at least half if not your entire trunk… or more. This is a Godsend.

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